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Dr. Stacy A LeMay

Dr. Stacy

Father of the year, Husband of 32 yrs,

Hall Of Fame Inductee, Top Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Author and International speaker


Dr. Stacy finds his humble beginnings in the city of Newark, N.J., where he was recognized as one of the state's top athletes and was recently Inducted into the Newark Athletic Hall of Fame in 2022. He went on to pursue a college career at Florida A&M University where he was noted as a Preseason All-American. He also obtained a B/S degree in Business Economics with a concentration in Business Administration and Finance. After graduation, Dr. Stacy & His Lovely Wife Dr. DeNae LeMay owned and operated one of the top & most successful local businesses in Gainesville, Florida for 9 years. Their business was noted as one of the top producers in the industry. In Addition to their business prowess the LeMay’s Owned as many as 18 Real estate Properties throughout the states of Fl & NC.


Dr. Stacy has over 30 years of multi-cultural ministry experience with men and families from all walks of life. Dr. Stacy is near his 25th year of full-time ministry after "giving away" a healthy and prosperous business to pursue the call of God in a fulltime capacity. He possesses a practical yet powerful and dynamic mentoring style that will inspire you to reach new levels in your pursuit of success and purpose. He will encourage, challenge and motivate you to be all that you were created to be. Dr. Stacy has a strong passion to disciple men, relate to athletes and business leaders. His desire is to see them rooted and grounded in their faith and lead the way in their families. He believes that saving the male

(MAN/FATHER= SOURCE) is the solution to correcting all of society's ills.


He has mentored NFL & Top College athletes, Fathers and Business Community Leaders for over 25 years, to include the University of Florida football team. He Spent 10  years working with athletes & serving as the team chaplain on the Gator football team, which was lead by National Champion and Coach of the year, Urban Meyers. Under Dr. Stacy's Chaplain care, The Gators we’re ranked as high as 4th in the nation in the 2005 season and then went on to win the NCAA National Championship in 2006. 

Dr. Stacy also served as team chaplain for the 3X NC State Champions, Butler H.S. which was lead by National Coach of the year Mike Newsome and Brian Hales.


As you can see Dr. Stacy is an accomplished renaissance man. With various talents and Gifts, God has chosen to use him in various arenas. He is Committed to making an impact in the lives of all who have an ear to hear and have a hunger live life in victory. Dr. Stacy's seeks to identify men who yearn to develop into AN ELITE MALE, A TOP TIER MAN, A CHAMPION FATHER, A FAITHFUL HUSBAND and AN INTEGRAL BUSINESS and COMMUNITY LEADER. After being Directly Mentored for several years by the late yet Great, world impactor Dr. Myles Munroe, Dr. Stacy is committed to teaching principles of leadership as learned under the tutelage of his spiritual Father and Mentor.


Dr. Stacy has been Married to Dr. DeNae  LeMay for 32 years and they travel the world as international speakers. He was also selected as CHARLOTTES FATHER OF THE YEAR IN 2019 & is the Father of 4 Adult Children whom all have gone on to establish successful, professional careers. 

Christian (30) is now a College Football coach in Texas, Uriah (28) is a professional Freelance Photographer, Jasmine (26) is a leader in the luxury clothing industry & Benjamin is a professional Football player. 


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